Dispute ALL Credit Card Charges made to John Balent within the last FULL YEAR:

You may have many issues with the quality of services received by John Balent that you may want to use to dispute your credit card charges with John Balent. However, this website strongly recommends that you dispute your credit card charges based on John Balent's fraudulent False Advertising claim on the homepage of his website that he has been "Dedicated Exclusively to Family Law Since 1976." That statement is blatantly false on two points. First, John Balent is NOT exclusive to Family Law as John Balent has been active in non-family law cases dating back to at least 1983(see our False Advertising section). Secondly, that statement is further false in it's claim that John Balent has been exclusive to Family Law since 1976.

You will want to dispute your credit card charges to John Balent with your credit card company in writing under your "claims and defenses" rights under the following Federal and State Laws:
15 United States Code 1666i
12 Code of Federal Regulations 226.12(c)
California Civil Code 1747.90

You will also want to point out that John Balent's false advertising violates the following codes and rules of professional conduct aim specifically at legal advertising:
California Business and Professions Code 6157 & 6157(a)
Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1-400 (D) (1) & (D) (2)

Your claims are based on the fact that due to John Balent's willful and negligent false advertising, you were led to the false, deceptive and misleading belief that you were hiring an attorney who was not only exclusive to family law, but had been exclusive to that practice for nearly 40 years. Furthermore, John Balent's False Advertising falsely created a perception of value that didn't exist in order to gain employment.

Here are some important points you should be aware of when you dispute your credit card charges using your claims and defenses rights:

1. Be sure to state in your dispute that you have made a good faith effort with John Balent to resolve the dispute.

2. You can only dispute any amount that you have not already paid to your credit card company. For example, suppose John Balent charged your card six months ago for $5000, if you have since paid your credit company say $1000 towards that charge, only the remaining $4000 balance could be disputed. However, say you had a $2000 balance on your credit card prior to the $5000 charged by John Balent and you had paid your card company $1000 since that charge, leaving a current balance of $6000, In this case, you could still dispute the entire $5000 charge by John Balent. Unfortunately, if you have already paid the entire amount charged on your credit card by John Balent, you cannot use the "claims and defenses" allowed by Federal and California State laws.

3. Your credit card dispute should be in writing addressed to the address shown on the back of your credit card statement for disputes. Do not call in your dispute into your credit card company as many phone representatives are not familiar with the Federal and State claims and defenses laws and may put your claim in as a simple billing dispute for which it will likely be denied. We strongly recommend that you include printouts of all of the laws noted above in your dispute letter. You will also want to include a print out of John Balent's website and print outs of examples of non-family law cases handled by John Balent. These can be found in our false advertising section or we can provide you with notarized copies. If you have had your credit card charged multiple times by John Balent over the last year be sure to identify every charge in your dispute letter. Obviously, if you used multiple credit cards you will need to send dispute letters to each of those credit card companies. To assist you, we have created a sample letter template to give a general idea of what your letter should contain. You can simply cut and paste the text into your letter. We can also provide this to you in MS Word format if you request it. Should you need printouts of the documents mentioned in this letter just let us know and we will be happy to forward them to you.

What if John Balent has changed his website before you could print it out?

We fully expect John Balent to quickly change the langauge on his website as soon as he receives his first credit card dispute. However, don't worry, we can provide you with a notarized statement and a copy of John Balent's Website that states that the "Dedicated Exclusively to Family Law Since 1976" statement was present on his website as late as September 3, 2014 and that his website had read that way for several years prior. Should you need this, simply use our contact us link to let us know and we will be more than happy to provide this to you.

What happens are I file my credit card dispute?

What should happen from here is that your credit card company will open an investigation into your claim under your claims and defenses rights. This should occur within about two weeks of their receipt of your dispute letter. While they are investigating your dispute you will not be responsible for interest or payments on the amount disputed and John Balent's may be assigned a temporary hold on those funds.

John Balent will have an opportunity to respond to the credit card company and John Balent may try to use the defense that other links on his website refer to his practice as "Mostly" or "Primarily" Family Law. However, However, that is a rather lame excuse. It would be similar to defending yourself for beating your spouse because one some nights you don't beat your spouse. That fact is, the false statement is on his website and it's presence (at any time) violates both the Business and Professions Code and the Rules of Professional conduct. Both a code and rule aim specifically for attorneys....And John Balent knows it. His actions are false, blatant, willful, negligent and in our opinion indefensible.

Your case under the law is a strong one and we believe you should win your dispute, but of course we cannot 100% guarantee it. If Mr. Balent receives enough of these disputes over his false advertising, his credit card charging privileges could be suspended by his credit card processer making John Balent no longer able to accept payments by credit card.