File for Mandatory Fee Arbitration Against John Balent.

Attorneys have a requirement to engage in Mandatory Fee Arbitration if the client requests it. This does involve a filing fee, about 5% of the disputed amount and will probably take about 9 months to get to the table. However, you can request for a hardship if you cannot afford the 5% filing fee. Aside from whatever fees you are disputing, this website recommends you bring up John Balent's unethical misconduct of False Advertising to gain employment as grounds to disgorge ALL fees John Balent has collected from you as it generally is held in such cases that an attorney who commits a violation of ethical standards has not "earned" any fee for the services which were performed after the conflict arose, or which were tainted by the misconduct. In such cases, the attorney will not be entitled to recover any fee, whether or not the conflict or misconduct caused any damage. [See, Anderson v. Eaton (1930) 211 Cal. 113, 116; Goldstein v. Lees (1975) 46 Cal.App.3d 614; Jeffry v. Pounds (1977) 67 Cal.App.3d 6].

Additionally, you'll want to bring of the subject of John Balent's Lump Billing Practices (See Lump Billing) as this practice adds up to 30% to John Balent's billing. The California Bar issued an Arbitration Advisory on the subject of Detecting Attorney Bill Padding way back in 2003, which in part deals with the subject of Lump Billing. Wouldn't you think John Balent with nearly 40 years of practice would be aware this way of billing clients is frowned upon and is considered bill padding?.....Of course he is aware.....but he does it anyway.

You have 4 years to file for Mandatory Fee Arbitration from the date of any item you are disputing on his bill.

This website is committed to assisting you with your Mandatory Fee Arbitration with John Balent. If applicable, we will provide you with declarations from other clients that can be admitted as evidence in your Mandatory Fee Arbitration with John Balent. If poosible and applciable, this website will tesify at your Mandatory Fee Arbitration on your behalf against John Balent.

This website is currently building a network of clients committed and determined to help each other in their efforts to recover any funds obtained or held by John Balent by illegal or unethical acts. Please join our efforts and help others recover funds from John Balent and protect others in the future.