See that photo of John Balent's Office and those trash cans outside? That's where we found Client personal information over about 150 weeks in a row, simply put on the curb where anyone could have accessed your personal information.

Below you find just a partial list of over 300 individuals whose personal information was simply tossed in John Balent's garbage. For the majority of these names we have complete copies of your block billed billing statements that were tossed into Balent's Garbage and in EVERY case we have at the very least contact information on every individual listed below all taken from John Balent's Garbage. In many cases we have much more damaging personal information that we will not be posting for your protection. In some cases we recovered from John Balent's garbage items such as Tax Returns, Social Sercurity numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, Home and Cell numbers, Private Emails and Email addresses, Names of Minor Childred, Medical records, Children's Medical Records, Minors School Records, Employment and income info, letters and emails from opposing attorneys and of course your case numbers, which lead to other private and public information.

We are continuing to sort through about 1000 bags of garbage and will post more names later this year.

If your name appears on this list, you should be able to collect up to $3000 in small claims court from John Balent for violating California Civil Code section 1798 and up to $5000 if you were damaged by your personal information being thrown in the garbage by John Balent. The Authors of this website will gladly volunteer to testify in Small Claims Court on your behalf and show the Judge the exact extent of John Balent's treatment of personal information among SO many clients. Imagine if everyone of these clients filed for the $3000 in small claims court, John Balent would be on the hook for over $500,000.

We also encourage you to file a complaint with the State Bar if your name appears below as this is a violation of The Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 3-100 Which reads in part as follows:
"(A) A member shall not reveal information protected from disclosure by Business and Professions Code section 6068, subdivision (e)(1) without the informed consent of the client, or as provided in paragraph (B) of this rule."

On or about September 1st, we are actually forwarding your names to the State Bar along with the personal info we pulled from John Balent's Garbage, but it's still a very good idea to file your own complaint so we can get this very unprofessional conduct exposed and reinstate John Balent's 2 year suspension or perhaps even get him disbarred and finally put an end to this predator.

In additon to the names below, we also found dozens of letters to and from opposing counsels for dozens of cases which in many cases revealed additional personal information on Balent's client's and their spouses and children.

Okay, here is the first list of names posted in alphabetical order by first name:

Adam Alas
Adrian Teran
Alica Aguilar
Albert Bedard
Anabel Hernandez
Angela Henderson
Anna Thomas
Anne Garrity
Annette Salcido
Annette Sander
Arthur Wise
Ashish Shah
Ashley Antonez
Ashley Anutuzez-Owens
Atousa Mahdavi
Audrey Haag
Babek Adili-Khams
Barbara Kemnitz
Betty Hardwig
Betty McGill
Bill Boenmke
Bo Huang
Bonnie Devine
Bradford Smith
Brenda Thomas
Brian Grigory
Brian Plummer
Briana Mitchell
Brigitte Hoang
Bud Roughton
Carol Ann Westerman
Casey Vanandez
Chadra Ford
Charles Ramirez
Charlie Critchlon
Chris Brown
Chris Gernux
Christina Venable
Christina Wren
Christopher Watson
Colleen Fajardo
Cori Sessler
Cornelis Vanandel
Cynde Allyson Miller (Fun Footnote: Cynde Miller is actually Cynde Balent whom is John Balent's Dauther In-Law and she posted a Yelp Review not disclosing that fact. Click Here To view her wedding registry)
Daniel Gardner
Daniel Marcotte
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Summers
Danielle Jaeggi
Darrell Fawcett (interestingly, Balent Disrespected the Court on this one and was turned into the State Bar by the Judge and was disiplined)
Darshana Shah
David Cox
David Fiely
David Gledhill
Dawn Dunham
Dean Gray
Deborah Howard
Debra Brown
Debra Kavand
Denise Ehrenkranz
Denise Walters
Dennis Walsh
Diana Castillo
Diana Merida
Diana Shields
Diana Vasquez
Dianna Weaver
Domingo Torres
Doreen Penfil
Edward Hakopian
Edward Lauritano
Edith Calvano
Edson Steve Castro
Edwin Yoshio Ogat
Eleanor Huffington
Elaine Moser
Elizabeth Moreno
Elizabeth Sibus
Eloisa Mejia
Erika Bakken
Erin Elizalde
Ernest Aparicio
Farheen Ahmed
Felicity North
Francisco Alba
Gabriela Guillen
Gary Eppens
George Hatt
Geraldine Imler
Ghassan Hourani
Gina Conlon
Gregory Clayton Walters
Gretchen Boulware
Hamideh Sahar
Heather Martin
Heather Olson
Humberto Ramos
Ilene Bloedel
Irma Lozano
Jack Yen
Jackie Mae Urlik AKA Jackie M Vaughan
Jaclynn Kurz
Jacqueline Aziz
Jacquelyn Hendra
James Kuo
James Mounce
James Rutledge
James Shrider
Janae Bell
Janet Faulkner
Janette De La Fuente
Janine Lai
Jason Cook
Jayshell Abot
Jeff Benson
Jeff Lyle Guglielman
Jeff Olson
Jennifer Boucher
Jennifer Frausto
Jennifer Sherman
Jeremy Dorsey
Jessica Avina
Jill Borghei
Jill Wrathall (Fun Footnote: Balent has TWO sets of billings, one appears to be a bogus billing while attempting to get the husband to pay her legal bill. The husband and his attorney have been notified)
Jim Drake
Jimmie Griffth
Jody Sandoval
John Alonzo
John Clasen
John Fairris
John Hughes
John Ingram
John Miller
John Thomas Levandowski
Johnprey Ibuna
Jose Macchiavello Jr
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Salazar
Joseph Bloomfield
Joseph Camacho
Joseph Gomez Jr.
Joseph Henderson
Joseph Torres
Josephine Sabado
Joslyn Melissa Thompson Smith
Josue Sanchez
Joyce Kukahiko (May also be known as Emile Kukahiko)
Judith Bottiaux
Junia Esparza
Julie Lewis
Justin Spears
Karen Bilhartz
Karen Hopkins
Karen Rechnitze
Katherine Groves
Kathleen Roque
Kathy Stewart
Keith Ferrier
Kelly Cablyan (May also be Spelled Kelly Kablyan )
Kelsa Frankston
Kenneth Mattoon
Keri Murphy
Kim Crawley
Kim Huynen
Kimberly Kittleson
Kimberly Lamont
Kimberly McDougall
Kirk Kelly
Kristie Connell
Kristine La Place-Iverson
Lance Lundrgren
Laura Madrigal
Laurie McCallum
Lawrence Jackson
Lawrence Shaw
Lee Davis (AKA Lee Anthony Davis)
Leo Anagon
Linda Cooper
Lisa Cordes (AKA Lisa Lorranie Garcia Cordes)
Lisa Meyring
LisaJo Brown
Loc Ta
Lorig Khamo
Lourdes Perez
Lucia Polanco
Lynn Brown
Lynn Quin
Marc Lema
Marge Yoshida
Marisol Cabral
Mark Jackson
Marlene Craig
Marsha Long
Marshall Ball
Martina MacDonald
Mary Beth Granger
Mary K Mohler
Mary O'Connor Welch
May Phan
Melissa Kassouf
Melodie Benson
Michael Arnoldus
Michael Murdoff
Michael Murphy
Michael Nguyen
Michael Wozniak
Michelle Gettleson
Nancy Adams
Nancy Camacho
Nancy Elassal
Nancy Diane Brown
Nathan Painter
Nathan Wardlaw
Nhu Dinh
Nicky Dean Ames
Nicole Vineyard
Dr. Nina Argarwal
Norman Resnick
Oscar Perez
Otis Sullivan
Pamela McCahill
Patricia Alcorn
Patricia Smith
Patrick Scott
Pedro Sanchez
Pefecto Reyes
Peter Montez
Phillp Rollins
Phoebe Lekas
Phyllis Kasparian
Raquel Macias
Ramon Guillen
Randi Henderson
Randy Hamida
Ravonna Swodeck
Raymond Lai
Renee Sikkenga
Rex Butcher
Richard Cluff
Richard Codding Jr.
Richard Insalaco
Richard Kosiek III
Richard Taylor
Richard Turner
Robert Arriaga
Roberto Alvarez
Robin Everett
Rochelle Amador
Roderick Sebastian
Roger LaFlamme
Roger Lino
Ron Doyle
Ronald Salcido
Rosa Argomaniz
Rosa Moseley
Rosemarie Soltero-Cicero
Rosie Del Aguila
Sahar Himideh
Sally Layton
Salvatore Parra
Sandra Serrano
Sarah Chifcian
Sarah Daw
Seton Kirkwood (AKA Seton Nobile-Kirkwood)
Schalia Thompson
Scott Carroll
Scott MacDonald
Scott Newcomb
Shanyn Aysta
Sharon Lester
Sheri Barlett
Stanley Clark
Stephen Ballasteros
Steven Goldschimied
Steven Lemke
Susanne Gaskins
Tami Colclasure
Tammy Whitmore
Tanis Dang
Tanya Vallieres Tasha Kelly
Tegan Hopp (Former Paralegal for John Balent who now appears to be living out of State)
Teneja Ginoza (AKA Teneja Torres-Ginoza)
Teresa Noffsinger
Teri Laurie
Theadore Caldwell
Theresa Melinda Geraldez
Thomas Arnoldus
Thomas Rollins
Tiffany Rasch
Timothy Roberts
Tina Johnson
Tina Spanley
Toni Lines (AKA Toni Taylor-Lines
Tonya Mitchell
Tracy Allen
Ui Sok Kim
Vanessa Murillo
Vicky Kelly
Vicky Weaver
Vien Anh Tran
Wanda Gray
Wayne Yost
Wilfrida Fritz
William Condit
William Earl
William May
William Quintana
William Russell
Yolanda Alarcon
Zackary Coelho
Zane Cannaday

What kind of moron attorney would throw SO MUCH personal information in the garbabe? John Balent of course, but it wasn't just client personal info he tossed in the trash, there was much personal information on John Balent himself, his Wife Barbara (whom most of you will know as Barbara McNabb because they hide the fact that she's John Balent's Wife To You) Here is a Photo of the happy couple probably out spending your money.

We also found info on John Balent's Office Manager Kerry Mahler and her husband Lance Mahler's business "Penny Roofing". A fun fact is that you will find common Yelp reviews for both John Balent and Penny Roofing, which obviously appear to be fake reviews as are most of Balent's possitive Yelp, Avvo and Google Reviews.

We will be posting some of their persoal information later this summer, but in the short term, if you're having trouble getting John or Barbara Balent to return your phone calls, try visiting them at their home address at:
John & Barbara Balent
2051 Fallingleaf Cir
Brea, CA 92821

We haven't tested these phone numbers but a we believe these numbers to be associated to John & Barbara Balent, (714) 671-0749 as his landline number and (714) 529-3935 as his Cell Phone Number. Additionally these phone numbers were associated with John Balent as well, (714) 529-4911, (714) 904-0465, (714) 469-4861.

Can't reach John Balent? Try his Office Manager Kerry Mahler at:

Kerry & Lance Mahler
1321 Arbolita Drive
La Habra, CA.90631

How did we get these addresses and phone numbers of John & Barbara Balent and Kerry Mahler? Out of John Balent's Garbage of Course!

Why did we reveal Balent and Mahlers address and phone number and not Balent's Clients? Because unlike yourself's, John Balent, Barbara Balent and Kerry Mahler were reckless with their own personal information. Just how reckless were they with their own personal information? Well here is one small example, A note for a payment to American Express with Kerry Mahler's American Express Card number. What security did they take before dumping this in the trash? They went to the great effort to tear it in half, which is probably more effort that expended on your case. That was the security step taken to protect even their own personal information. What a bunch of reckless bafoons working in an industry that demands the atmost public trust. We put the pages back together, but if you look closely you can see where it was torn in half. As a courtesy to Kerry, although certainly not deserved, we have blacked out a couple of digits from the card number, but if you can guess Kerry's age, you can guess the missing card numbers. Here's a hint, the number is well over 50, which by the way is also public record.

Here is another interesting tidbit we found in John Balent's garbage that we would like to share with you. The image below, although pretty crumbled up when we found it, appears to be a rough draft attempting to tell his clients that he has an unstable client. The client is one of the authors of this website. What he fails to tell those clients is that the reason you might be contacted is because John Balent threw your personal information in the garbage and naturally he is afraid that current clients would dump him once they found out about his multiple Bar Complaints and his recent suspension and 2 years probation as well as his multiple malpractice suits, Civil suits by collectors for non payment of his bills, Judicail Sanctions, Block/Lump Billing practices and being forced to retun nearly $20,000 in padded fees by an aribitration panel. We seriously doubt John Balent would be stupid enough to have actually sent our such a letter, but then again he was stupid enough to dump your personal info in the garbage.