We are very interested in anything and everything you have to say about John Balent! Our hope is to build a network of former clients whose combined effort will assist former clients with Fee Arbitrations, Civil Actions, Bar Complaints and Credit Card Disputes against John Balent. We can all help each other by putting together declarations of our experiences with John Balent. For Example, suppose John Balent quoted you a flat fee and later billed you over that fee. Wouldn't it amazingly helpful in court or arbitration to have dozens of clients declarations asserting the same thing happened to them? How about dozens of clients declaring they were victimized by John Balent's False Advertising, Lump Billing Practices or that John Balent bungled their case too? So let's all get together in a united effort for everyone who has been wronged by John Balent to get their money back and work towards his disbarment.

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