He Must REALLY Not Want You To Know About His Public Record!
John Balent has once again threatened this website. This time through an attorney who claims to have been retained by him. This attorney, Thomas Greco of Laguna Hills California, in a strange twist just happens to have went to the same law school as John Balent and entered the Bar within less than a month of John Balent. This website believes he may be an old law school buddy doing him a favor.

We have posted the letter below to show the lengths John Balent will go to stop you from seeing his Public Record. It's quite the letter considering John Balent is about to receive a 2 year stayed suspension, 2 years probation and an actual 60 day suspension of his law practice.

You're going to read words like Slander and Libel a lot in this letter, but as much as Mr. Balent would like to throw around these words and claims, Mr. Balent should know that truth is an absolute defense in the type of action he is threatening to stop you from viewing his very Public Record. Feel free to email us with your comments, or call us at 714 393-4164 to learn more about John Balent's pending suspension from practicing law.

Here is the letter we received. You'll need a PDF reader and will need to arrow down the letter to read it in full.

What we think....Not much. Given John Balent is facing a 2 year stayed suspension, 2 years probation and an actual 60 day suspension, John Balent doesn't have much to conplain about given the information on our website is a consumer advisory pertaining to John Balent's Public Record and information provided by clients.

This website has several declarations from client's all complaining of misconduct by John Balent, so we are having trouble imagining this court case were we parade former clients confirming what is on our website, which we believe might cause a judge to refer John Balent's misconduct to the California State Bar, a risk one would think John Balent might not want to take given it would be the 2nd time a judge has referred his actions to the California State Bar.

One positive thing we see from this letter is that our website is helping clients of John Balent make informed decisions regarding continuation of his services as this letter confirms "Mr. Balent has a complete list of clients who have ceased doing buesiness with him" due to information provided on this website.

As to the claims relating to John Balent's relationship with disbarred attorney Andrew Prendiville (Currently in jail in Florida according to Public Records), we very seriously doubt John Balent's contention that Mr. Prendiville "nominated" him to take over his cases. That makes no sense given Mr. Balent's adveristing that he is "Dedicated exclusively to Family Law since 1976." Mr. Prendiville was involved in many non Family Law cases, why would he "nominate" John Balent to take over for him? Additionally, John Balent filed at least one personal injury case using Mr. Prendiville's address almost 2 full years after Mr. Prendiville was disbarred.

Update March 14, 2016: Just like John Balent's promises at hire, this letter appears to be no more than empty promises as more than 15 months later, this letter has been no more than the empty threat we expected it to be and no such threatened lawsuit ever appeared. We'll keep you posted if John Balent follows through on his threat to file suit. If he does it will be for the purposes of intimidation and we will file countersuit and forward the matter to the California State Bar.

This is not the first time John Balent has threatened this website: Click below regarding his previous threat.